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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the Midwestern Weather Network


Temperature [ F° ] Humidity [ % ] Wind [ mph ] Rain [ in ] Barometer [ inHg ] Baro Trend

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Conditions data shown was collected from Wed, 16 Aug 2017 10:30:11 -0400 to Wed, 16 Aug 2017 11:10:42 -0400

Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend Last
Canada: Ontario WawaSunnySunny67 F57 F71%0 mph SWSW00.00 in30.06 inHgSteady11:08:53
Chicago W Rogers ParkMetar KORD: Clear Clear77 F64 F64%0 mph NNWNNW70.00 in29.98 inHgSteady11:08:32
Illinois AlmaMetar KSLO: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy77 F73 F87%0 mph SS0.00 in29.82 inHgSteady11:05:42
Illinois BataviaMetar KDPA: Clear Clear80 F67 F65%0 mph SESE40.00 in29.96 inHgFalling11:05:08
Illinois BloomingtonSunnySunny80 F74 F81%10 mph SSESSE100.00 in30.00 inHgSteady11:08:44
Illinois BourbonnaisCloudy2Cloudy280 F74 F83%0 mph WNWWNW00.00 in29.96 inHgSteady11:08:46
Illinois Centralia Offline
Illinois DanvilleMetar KDNV: Clear Clear82 F72 F71%0 mph SSESSE00.00 in29.89 inHgSteady11:10:42
Illinois ElburnMetar KARR: Clear Clear81 F71 F70%3 mph ENEENE80.00 in29.93 inHgSteady11:09:03
Illinois Hoffman EstatesMetar KLOT: Clear Clear80 F69 F70%2 mph ENEENE70.00 in29.99 inHgSteady11:09:04
Illinois Joliet-2SunnySunny83 F71 F68%1 mph NENE00.00 in29.99 inHgSteady11:09:03
Illinois Joliet-3Metar KLOT: Clear Clear81 F71 F73%0 mph ESEESE00.00 in30.00 inHgSteady11:13:28
Illinois MahometSunnySunny84 F73 F68%6 mph SS70.00 in29.94 inHgSteady11:09:01
Illinois MorrisSunnySunny78 F71 F80%0 mph ESEESE00.00 in29.94 inHgSteady11:09:01
Illinois MorrisonOvercastOvercast76 F71 F85%7 mph EE80.00 in29.92 inHgSteady11:08:51
Illinois MulkeytownMetar KMDH: Few Clouds Few Clouds77 F74 F89%4 mph ESEESE0.23 in29.92 inHgSteady11:08:29
Illinois PeotoneMetar KIKK: Clear Clear77 F71 F83%2 mph ESEESE0.00 in29.96 inHgSteady10:43:07
Indiana EvansvilleMetar KEVV: Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy80 F74 F83%0 mph SSESSE0.00 in29.92 inHgSteady11:04:24
Indiana MishawakaMetar KSBN: Few Clouds Few Clouds80 F70 F72%0 mph SS20.00 in30.01 inHgSteady11:08:58
Iowa Carter LakeStopped RainingStopped Raining73 F70 F90%0 mph SSWSSW00.14 in29.72 inHgSteady11:07:58
Iowa DavenportMetar KDVN: Clear Clear77 F70 F78%0 mph EE00.00 in29.98 inHgSteady11:09:10
Iowa Des MoinesMetar KDSM: Overcast Overcast75 F72 F91%1 mph SSESSE10.00 in29.77 inHgSteady11:09:10
Iowa MadridMetar KBNW: Clear Clear74 F72 F93%0 mph ESEESE00.00 in29.79 inHgSteady11:09:08
Iowa OlinCloudy2Cloudy275 F71 F87%5 mph ESEESE50.01 in29.85 inHgSteady11:09:09
Iowa OtleyMetar KPEA: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy76 F74 F93%1 mph SS0.01 in29.85 inHgSteady11:09:11
Iowa Vinton Offline
Kansas LenexaRainRain75 F73 F92%2 mph SSWSSW10.03 in29.76 inHgFalling Rapidly11:09:07
Kansas McLouthMetar KLWC: light Rain light Rain73 F68 F84%3 mph WSWWSW70.07 in29.75 inHgSteady11:08:53
Kentucky Crab OrchardMetar KDVK: Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy81 F75 F81%0 mph SSESSE20.00 in30.12 inHgSteady11:08:51
Kentucky FairdaleMetar KSDF: Few Clouds Few Clouds83 F75 F77%2 mph NNWNNW70.00 in30.00 inHgSteady11:09:07
Kentucky FrankfortMetar KFFT: Clear Clear84 F72 F67%6 mph SS80.00 in30.01 inHgSteady11:00:08
Kentucky GeorgetownOvercastOvercast83 F76 F81%0 mph NENE10.00 in30.10 inHgSteady11:09:11
Kentucky RineyvilleMetar KFTK: Few Clouds Few Clouds85 F76 F74%0 mph SS00.00 in30.13 inHgRising Slowly11:09:13
Michigan AlgonacMetar KMTC: Few Clouds Few Clouds26 F24 F95%0 mph SWSW10.00 in29.72 inHgSteady11:09:13
Michigan Big BayMetar KSAW: Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy68 F62 F79%2 mph SSESSE20.00 in30.05 inHgSteady11:09:02
Michigan CheboyganPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy68 F62 F81%1 mph ESEESE10.00 in30.09 inHgSteady11:08:59
Michigan East TawasMetar KOSC: Overcast Overcast70 F66 F89%9 mph EE0.00 in30.08 inHgSteady10:30:11
Michigan HerseyMetar KRQB: Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy73 F65 F75%0 mph SESE50.00 in29.98 inHgSteady11:08:33
Michigan IrontonMetar KCVX: Clear Clear72 F64 F76%0 mph EE0.00 in30.02 inHgSteady10:58:29
Michigan Rogers CityMetar KPZQ: Overcast Overcast70 F63 F78%2 mph EE40.00 in30.10 inHgSteady11:08:59
Michigan Sand PointSunnySunny72 F65 F77%3 mph NENE40.00 in30.04 inHgSteady11:09:10
Michigan Sterling HeightsMetar KVLL: Clear Clear70 F56 F62%3 mph SS40.00 in30.09 inHgSteady11:08:50
Minnesota BemidjiOvercastOvercast64 F60 F87%0 mph WW00.00 in29.84 inHgSteady11:09:15
Minnesota Coon RapidsMetar KANE: Mist Mist66 F63 F90%0 mph WNWWNW00.16 in29.85 inHgSteady11:08:59
Minnesota EdinaMetar KMSP: Overcast Overcast66 F65 F96%4 mph ESEESE70.76 in29.87 inHgSteady11:09:16
Minnesota HollandaleMistMist65 F49 F57%1 mph SESE00.00 in29.65 inHgSteady11:00:34
Minnesota LakevilleMetar KLVN: Overcast Overcast66 F65 F97%0 mph SS10.65 in29.85 inHgSteady11:09:12
Minnesota MadeliaMetar KJYG: Mist Mist67 F64 F90%1 mph SESE10.44 in29.81 inHgSteady11:09:17
Minnesota MinnetonkaMetar KFCM: Overcast Overcast67 F65 F96%1 mph NENE50.49 in29.86 inHgFalling Slowly11:05:00
Minnesota RobbinsdaleMetar KMIC: Overcast Overcast66 F65 F95%12 mph ESEESE100.42 in29.87 inHgSteady11:07:55
Minnesota Saginaw Offline
Minnesota ZumbrotaMetar KTOB: Clear Clear71 F65 F83%2 mph ESEESE20.35 in29.85 inHgSteady11:08:56
Missouri FultonMetar KCOU: Overcast Overcast76 F73 F92%1 mph NN10.06 in29.85 inHgSteady11:09:00
Missouri JacksonMetar KCGI: Overcast Overcast79 F76 F88%3 mph SSESSE30.00 in29.38 inHgSteady11:09:10
Missouri OFallonMetar KSTL: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy76 F74 F93%2 mph SSESSE50.57 in29.90 inHgSteady11:07:19
Missouri Rea-76 F74 F96%8 mph SSESSE130.14 in29.74 inHg--11:06:40
Missouri TrimbleOvercastOvercast72 F70 F96%0 mph ESEESE00.12 in29.80 inHgSteady11:09:18
Nebraska FriendPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy67 F66 F95%7 mph SWSW40.49 in29.71 inHgRising Rapidly11:09:16
Nebraska LincolnPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy69 F68 F95%3 mph ENEENE20.17 in29.67 inHgFalling Slowly11:09:21
Nebraska Nebraska CityStopped RainingStopped Raining73 F70 F90%0 mph SSWSSW00.14 in29.72 inHgSteady11:04:58
Ohio AllentownMetar KAOH: Clear Clear80 F71 F73%2 mph SESE70.00 in30.04 inHgSteady11:09:19
Ohio AvonMetar KCLE: Clear Clear80 F66 F64%0 mph EE20.00 in30.04 inHgSteady11:07:51
Ohio Blue RockMetar KZZV: Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy78 F71 F79%0 mph SSESSE50.00 in30.04 inHgSteady11:09:07
Ohio GranvilleOvercastOvercast78 F72 F82%0 mph SWSW00.00 in30.00 inHgSteady11:09:20
Ohio GroveportPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy85 F73 F67%1 mph SS00.00 in30.01 inHgSteady11:09:20
Ohio HamiltonMetar KHAO: Clear Clear83 F72 F68%0 mph SSWSSW0.00 in30.02 inHgSteady11:05:03
Ohio LancasterDryDry83 F70 F66%0 mph WNWWNW0.00 in30.00 inHgSteady11:05:56
Ohio Liberty TownshipPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy82 F73 F76%2 mph SESE20.00 in30.00 inHgSteady11:09:21
Ohio New AlbanyMetar KCMH: Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy83 F72 F70%1 mph ESEESE30.00 in30.04 inHgSteady11:09:23
Ohio Newton FallsMetar KPOV: Clear Clear72 F63 F73%0 mph WNWWNW00.00 in30.04 inHgSteady11:09:23
Wisconsin AthelstaneOvercastOvercast61 F59 F93%1 mph NNENNE10.00 in30.06 inHgSteady11:09:16
Wisconsin CrandonMetar KAIG: Overcast Overcast60 F59 F95%0 mph SESE10.00 in29.86 inHgSteady11:09:16
Wisconsin De PereCloudy2Cloudy274 F66 F76%2 mph ESEESE20.00 in30.03 inHgFalling Slowly11:09:21
Wisconsin DeSotoSunnySunny73 F66 F77%1 mph NNENNE30.04 in29.82 inHgSteady11:09:15
Wisconsin Green BayMetar KGRB: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy70 F67 F90%0 mph EE00.00 in29.31 inHgSteady11:09:01
Wisconsin GreendaleMetar KMKE: Few Clouds Few Clouds73 F66 F77%0 mph SWSW0.00 in30.00 inHgSteady11:06:55
Wisconsin MaustonSunnySunny74 F64 F70%7 mph SSESSE100.00 in29.98 inHgSteady11:09:18
Wisconsin Park FallsCloudy2Cloudy268 F62 F81%1 mph SSESSE10.00 in30.00 inHgSteady11:09:23
Wisconsin PloverPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy73 F62 F69%9 mph ENEENE90.00 in30.05 inHgRising Slowly11:09:27
Wisconsin Sun PrairieCloudy2Cloudy271 F63 F76%0 mph SESE20.00 in29.97 inHgSteady11:09:16
Wisconsin WaupacaMetar KPCZ: Clear Clear69 F63 F81%3 mph NNENNE100.00 in29.97 inHgSteady11:09:11
Wisconsin WinterCloudy2Cloudy267 F62 F84%1 mph ENEENE10.00 in29.98 inHgSteady11:09:24

Member stations of the Midwestern Weather Network

Member stations of the Midwestern Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the Midwestern Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

Map data from Affiliated Regional Networks . Original scripts from Saratoga-Weather.org . Adapted for the Leuven-Template.  (version 3.22)

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