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Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
 Temperature  9.6°F
Maximum9.6°F (07:19)7.8°F (13:14)45.6°F 45.6°F 
Minimum7.4°F (00:00)3.8°F (07:19)-5.9°F -5.9°F 
 windchill  10.0°F 
Minimum4.0°F (02:49)-3.0°F (07:04)-6.0°F -6.0°F 
 heatindex  10.0°F  
Maximum10.0°F (07:09)8.0°F (13:09)45.0°F 45.0°F 
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
Rain / Melt 0.00 in  0.00 in  0.22 in  0.22 in 
Evapotranspiration0.00 in  0.00 in 0.00 in 0.00 in 
 Humidity  83%  
Maximum84% (00:00)85% (05:30)97%  
Minimum82% (05:54)71% (16:02)  
 Dew Point  5.0°F  
Maximum5.0°F (05:39)4.0°F (21:56)36.0°F 36.0°F 
Minimum3.0°F (00:05)-2.0°F (07:19)-10.0°F -10.0°F 
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year
 Pressure  30.56 inHg  Steady
Maximum30.56 inHg (07:07)30.55 inHg (18:25)30.62 inHg 30.62 inHg 
Minimum30.54 inHg (01:29)30.30 inHg (00:01)29.41 inHg 29.41 inHg 
 Wind  1.0 mph   Wind from WSW  Calm
Gust6.0 mph (02:50)12.0 mph (13:51)26.0 mph 26.0 mph 

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