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current today yesterday this month this year
 temperature  65.0°F
Maximum69.4°F (14:27)68.0°F (11:38)87.5°F 87.5°F 
Minimum44.3°F (02:29)43.8°F (06:19)36.7°F -14.3°F 
 windchill  65.0°F 
Minimum44.0°F (02:20)44.0°F (05:55)37.0°F -22.0°F 
 heatindex  64.0°F  
Maximum69.0°F (13:45)68.0°F (11:27)87.0°F 87.0°F 
current today yesterday this month this year
rain / Melt 0.00 in  0.00 in  0.59 in  12.22 in 
evapotranspiration0.00 in  0.00 in 0.00 in 0.00 in 
 humidity  57%  
Maximum96% (05:10)95% (07:12)97%  
Minimum49% (18:07)60% (11:33)  
 dew point  49.0°F  
Maximum57.0°F (13:10)56.0°F (10:26)65.0°F 65.0°F 
Minimum42.0°F (02:29)42.0°F (06:19)31.0°F -19.0°F 
current today yesterday this month this year
 pressure  29.82 inHg  falling slowly
Maximum29.92 inHg (00:00)29.95 inHg (02:31)30.13 inHg 30.86 inHg 
Minimum29.81 inHg (18:13)29.89 inHg (18:58)29.58 inHg 29.06 inHg 
 wind  0.0 mph   calm  calm
gust8.0 mph (14:05)8.0 mph (00:51)19.0 mph 35.0 mph 

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