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from: Sep 22 2021 8:00 am until: 14:00 Beach Hazards Statement level: Moderate
Possible threat to life or property - responsive action should be taken soon (within next hour)
...BEACH HAZARDS STATEMENT IN EFFECT FROM 8 AM THIS MORNING TO 2 PM EDT THIS AFTERNOON... * WHAT...Dangerous swimming conditions are expected due to high wave action and strong rip currents. * WHERE...Marquette and Alger Counties. * WHEN...From 8 AM this morning to 2 PM EDT this afternoon.

Data Quality for Big Bay Weather (CWOP ID - CW9114 )

Current Time Span Selected: 28 Days


Madis Value: 96%  OK
Data Span: 28 Days
Average Barometer Error: 0.8 milliBars
Error Standard Deviation: 0.5 milliBars
Baro Chart


Madis Value: 100%  OK
Data Span: 28 Days 24 Hours Daytime Nighttime
Average Temp. Error: 1.0 °F 0.1 °F 1.0 °F
Error Standard Deviation: 1.7 °F 0.5 °F 1.7 °F
Baro Chart

dew point

Madis Value: 100%  OK
Data Span: 28 Days 24 Hours Daytime Nighttime
Average Dewpoint Error: -0.3 °F 0.0 °F -0.5 °F
Error Standard Deviation: 1.7 °F 0.4 °F 1.6 °F
Dew Chart


Madis Value:  82%   not OK
Wind Vector

more information

Big Bay Weather is a proud member of the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP).
The above charts represent data reported to CWOP for Big Bay Weather (CW9114 actuals in blue) with the predicted data, based on surrounding stations (CW9114 Analysis in red).

Data Quality:
The MADIS value represents the percentage of observations that have successfully passed the MADIS QC checks. If the Madis rating is within the acceptable limits, a green check OK will appear. Otherwise, a red x-mark not OK will appear indicating that the data has not passed quality control.

If the above errors are POSITIVE, this means that the analysis variable is HIGHER than the reported variable. This means that the sensor is reading a variable lower than expected. If the above errors are NEGATIVE, this means that the analysis variable is LOWER than the reported variable. This means that the sensor is reading a variable higher than expected.

The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) is a private-public partnership with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. Its three main goals:

  1. to collect weather data contributed by citizens;
  2. to make these data available for weather services; and
  3. to provide feedback to the data contributors so that they have the tools to check and improve their data quality.

Many thanks go to Phillip Gladstone at CWOP for his dedication to providing the needed accuracy and quality checks for the amateur weather observer.

Calculations/Data courtesy of Phillip Gladstone. Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather.
adapted for the template by  Wim van der kuil

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