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The station is powered by a Davis VP2 weather station. The data is collected every 2 seconds and the site is updated every 1-5 minutes. The data is uploaded by a Exede satellite internet system. The site has backup power with solar panels, storage batteries and a generator. We use a Davis Weatherlink IP for uploading the data. This site and its data is collected using Davis Weatherlink.Com.

The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge, and a thermo-hygro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible.

Big Bay

Big Bay is 23 miles north of Marquette near Lake Superior and Lake Independence, surrounded by water and wilderness. The town of Big Bay is situated on Lake Independence, with Lake Superior to the north and east and the McCormick Wilderness Tract and the Huron Mountains to the west. Big Bay is one of our finest 4 season recreational areas.

The Big Bay area is also home of the exclusive Huron Mountain Club. The Huron Mountain Club is a private club whose land holdings, located in Marquette County, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, constitute one of the largest tracts of primeval forest in the Great Lakes region. Formed circa 1890, the Club consists of 50 wooden cabins and support structures clustered inside over 26,000 acres of land, encompassing much of the Huron Mountains area.

The McCormick tract is 16,850 acres of wilderness with 18 small lakes and the Yellow Dog Wild and Scenic River. There are many trails and paths through the wilderness for hiking, back country skiing and snowshoeing. Enjoy the solitude in this undisturbed woodlands setting.

This is a fishing paradise with walleye, northerns, small mouth bass and yellow perch in Lake Independence, local streams and rivers full of trout and lake trout fishing on Lake Superior. Guides available for the remote inland lakes. Excellent ice-fishing. The state record yellow perch was caught in Lake Independence.

The Big Bay area is a great place for Mountain Bikes and ATVs. There are trails everywhere through the woods and in the Escanaba River State Forest. This is moose country. Moose are most likely to be seen in the early morning and evening when they come down to the lakeshore to drink.

Big Bay receives an amazing amount of lake effect snow and is located on the 2,500 miles of snowmobile trails connecting the entire Upper Peninsula. A several years ago 320 inches of snow for the season was recorded at the National Weather Service in Negaunee, Just 25 miles away.   

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